Name: VIP Rank
Price: 6.99 USD


/nick - Changes your nickname to anything you want
/enderchest - Allows you to instantly access your enderchest anywhere
/workbench - Allows you to craft in a 3x3 crafting grid anywhere without the use of a crafting table
/feed - Instantly restores your hunger bar to maximum (3 minute cooldown)
/condense - Condenses items into blocks
/uncondense - Uncondenses items into smaller parts
/kit VIP - Access to VIP set of weapons, tools and armor. Use /kit VIP -preview for more information

VIP Tag - Get a dark green "VIP" tag beside your name in the server
2 Homes - Allows you to set up to 2 homes with the /sethome command
1 Vault - Allows you to access a private vault anywhere with the use of /pv <#>. Is similar to an enderchest but has a separate inventory from it
Join Full Server - Allows you to join the server even when it's full
Chat Color Codes - Allows you to use ingame "&" color codes. For more info use /colours
Player Particles - Access to "Ambient Entity Effect" and "Rain" particles
7 Playershop Listings - Allows you to list 7 items for sale on /pshop


These donator perks can vary from server to server. To check if a perk exists in a particular server, use / to verify if it is valid. If in doubt, please contact a server administrator before making any purchases