Name: Extractor Rank
Price: 34.99 USD

Get the Extractor Rank for Factions! This package focuses on improving your money making in factions by mining, fishing or hunting!

Extractor Package Contains:

/feed - Quells your hunger completely
/heal - Heals you to max hp
/enderchest - Allows you to instantly access your enderchest anywhere
/condense - Condenses items into blocks
/kit extractor - Access to extractor set of weapons, tools and armor. Use /kit extractor -preview for more information

Extractor Tag - Get a light Red "Extractor" tag beside your name in the server
+2 Homes - Allows you to set 2 extra homes with the /sethome command
+2 Vaults - Allows you to access 2 private vaults anywhere with the use of /pv <#>. Is similar to an enderchest but has a separate inventory from it
+25 Money Hunter levels to Mining, Fishing & Hunting jobs
+500 mcmmo credits

This Rank is specifically for Factions server. If in doubt regarding any information or aspects, please contact a server administrator before making any purchases