Name: Hamamatty
Price: 17.99 USD


Another living Legend in Ham5teak...

Custom In-game Tag - Get a custom in-game tag (prefix)! This tag may be changed once per month (On request)
200 Tokens* - Obtain 200 Tokens every month! Use in /token shop
1000 MCMMO Credits - Obtainable in 1 Server only. 
1000 MCMMO Credits every month! Use with /redeem
Hamsteak - Obtain 1 Hamsteak every month. View enchantments with /kit hamsteak -preview

*If you do not receive your tokens, wait in Lobby for a few minutes to automatically receive them. Tokens will only be given in one server since it is a global currency


This is a subscription pack, and it has to be paid for monthly. The items listed will be given on all servers on purchase or renewal